Falls River Variety Track-Out Camp

The businesses of Falls River are partnering together to offer an incredible experience for our neighborhood children, where they’ll experience a wide variety of fun activities.  The camp is perfect for video game lovers! And their parents will be pleased to know, that in addition to playing their favorite video games on their favorite gaming consoles, their children will get lots of activity and exercise! The best of both worlds…

Half of the day will be spent at Gamesturz. And half of the day will be spent two doors down, with Coach Adam’s “Karate Kids” and Master Dan Amerson’s “Tae Kwon Do.” They’ll do a variety of obstacle courses, team sports, learning self-defense moves, etc.


Track #2: Aug. 20-24, 2018 [SOLD OUT]
Track #1: Sept. 10-14, 2018
Track #4: Oct. 1-5, 2018

{**Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, to see how many spots are left in each camp, as well as to be able to register.**}

Main Camp Activities: 9am – 4pm

Additional time: Early drop-off as early at 8am and late pick-up as late as 6pm [is included in tuition]

Ages: For children ages 7 – 12+ years old

Tuition: Only $190 per week (which includes snacks, and lunch)

Details: We provide lunch and snacks from the local restaurants, such as Marco’s, etc.

Only $190 for the entire week!


Maximum of 10 campers. As soon as the camp is full, the online registration will be turned off.


Track and Dates 

$190 Per Week

Camp Spots Left

Track #2:
Aug. 20-24, 2018


 **SOLD OUT** 

Track #1:
Sept. 10-14, 2018


7 Spots Left

Track #4:
Oct. 1-5, 2018

 7 Spots Left